From January our dry season begins, we appreciate the brilliant sunshine as we prepare for Carnival however it comes with another  occurrence – Bushfire.

In the heart of a once green land….BOOM FIRE an explosion can be heard and a fierce bushfire begins to rage.

BLACK FLAMES dance and devour everything in it’s path, leaving a trail of destruction in it’s way.

The RISING heat and billowing smoke fills the air, forcing some to flee. It is a scene of chaos and despair, yet amidst the destruction, something remarkable unfolds.

As the SPARK of fire begins to wane and the first drops of rain fall, there is a magical transformation.

With each sip of AQUA, roots dig deep into the fertile soil that the fire had unknowingly enriched. Fragile green leaves emerge, reaching towards the clear blue sky as if giving thanks for a new lease on life.

This miraculous RENAISSANCE spreads across the scorched land as life arise from the ashes.

As time passes, green leaves give way to majestic flowers signaling the arrival of rejuvenation and the beginning of new life as the lands REVIVE itself.

As the seasons cycle through their eternal dance, the scent of the VERBENA flower fill the air.  The pink flower represents a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of life’s ability to overcome adversity.

And so, the bushfire that was a harbinger of destruction is able to IGNITE the awakening of new life.  It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the seeds of hope are always present, just waiting for the opportunity to bloom.

Ronnie and Caro presents for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2024 …BUSHFIRE “the arising of new life”

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