Revive – the arrival of rejuvenation and the beginning of new life

Emerald Green & Pink. Designed by KC Nuvision

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revive revive-backline revive-curvy-backline revive-curvy-frontline revive-frontline revive-male-with-small-feathered-backpack-add-on revive-male revive-with-large-feathered-backpack-add-on


Frontline: TT$8,295.00 | Curvy Backline: TT$5,195.00

Backline: TT$3,995.00 | Male: TT$4,295.00


Frontline – Curvy Bodywear: TT$0.00

Male – Small Feathered Backpack: TT$1,000.00 | Large Feathered Backpack: TT$2,300.00


Female and Male – TT$1,200.00
Frontline and Backline – 50% of Costume Cost

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