About Us

Since our inception, home has always been where our heart lies; looking at the many spheres of our history, culture, heritage, local life, etc. to tell a story through our portrayals. For our 12th anniversary presentation, we chose to invite our masqueraders to venture across to our sister isle to explore the beauty of this natural piece of paradise, Tobago. Often times, much of this island’s beauty and serenity is overlooked and so we aim to rediscover the picturesque sights and calming sounds of this little island. Book a flight or hop on the boat and come Let’s go to Tobago with Ronnie & Caro… The Mas Band for carnival 2019.


Sparkling Waters

Surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, clear pristine waters run through the many rivers and waterfalls on the island. These waters are not only refreshing but are also a beautiful spectacle to tourists especially when cascading down the Argyle Waterfall.


Sunrise over D’ Sea

The bright golden yellow ray of sunlight rising over the clear blue waters of the many beaches in Tobago is a sight to see each morning. This breathtaking view


The Jazz Experience

Held annually at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, the Tobago Jazz Festival attracts many tourists to the isle for the sweet sound of jazz music in the month April. International acts often grace the stage offering melodic renditions to patrons who look forward to the ambience that is the Tobago Jazz Experience.


Tobago Wedding

Many couples from around the world head across to the isle to tie the knot, sharing this special day with just a few specially invited guests. This tropical island paradise lends itself as the perfect backdrop for these intimate celebrations while also being a honeymoon destination.



The Cocrico was designed and produced by Shivonne Churche-Isaacs also known to the entertainment world as Lil Bitts. She was inspired by the beautiful colours seen on the cocrico which seem to go unnoticed by the average eyes but surely captivated hers. The Cocorico also known as the “Chachalaca,” is a rufous-tailed, tropical pheasant indigenous to Tobago. This bird can also be found in southern United States, Mexico, and Central and South America. It is one of the National Birds of Trinidad & Tobago and can be found on the country’s coat of arms.


Nylon Pool

Head out to the Buccoo Reef for the day and be sure to stop and take a dip in the Nylon Pool. This natural wonder is a shallow in-sea white ground coral pool which is located just off Pigeon Point and is accessible via boat. Gaining its name from Princess Margret, this one of a kind attraction is said to host many benefits such as youth, wisdom and eternal love amongst others.


Black Rock

Located on the western end of the island, this bay is known for the massive black rocks that surround the bay. A Tobago legend says that this bay rests on one large rock hence the slopes within the shoreline of this serene beach. Nevertheless, this bay, although not one of the more popular tourist sites is an ideal site for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, sun bathing and kayaking.


Mr. Fiddler

This is a popular fictional character used when referring to a person by Tobago Speech Bands. It forms part of Tobago’s deep rooted heritage. “Drag yuh bow Mr. Fiddler! Stop yuh bow Mr. Fiddler!”


Butterfly Bliss

These tiny insects are a good indication of the health an ecosystem and add aesthetic beauty to the landscape. When these tiny creatures come out in abundance, minds are sure to be blown by their beauty.


Green Winged Macaw

Eco-tourists flock to Tobago to get a glimpse of the exotic flora and fauna that the island support. One area that boasts natural beauty is the Main Ridge Forest Reserve; on a lucky day, visitors can spot the beauty of the Green Winged Macaw along with many other species of beautiful birds.