Fearless10-logoAfter years as an entity in the Carnival industry, in 2008 Ronnie & Caro…The Mas Band was born. A fearless venture from doing sections in mas bands to managing an actual mas band. Held together by our team and loyal masqueraders, we are able to present our 10th presentation FEARLESS 1O. FEARLESS 10 takes a look back at our growth as a mas band via our last 9 presentations with the addition of one that showcases our growth into the future. Join us as we celebrate this golden anniversary with our presentation for Carnival 2017 FEARLESS 10.


In 2008 we set out to discover the body of water known as the Gulf of Paria with our inaugural presentation De Gulf. Looking at the beauty that lies within items that are native to De Gulf like the Wildfish and Scarlet Ibis, this presentation set the trend for our FEARLESS 1O.


In our sophomore year, we took a look at the sheer bacchanal that is carnival. This presentation was a collection of all aspects of carnival that are never void of bacchanal. From Soca Monarch to WASA Fete, 2009 we caused a big Bakkanal on the road.


Taking to the streets to pay homage to the mas greats; the men and women who paved the way like George Bailey, Raoul Garib, Edmund & Lily Hart and many more. This presentation was just as great as these men and women as it earned us our Medium Band of the Year hat-trick. The 3rd time was definitely a charm.


Back for a 4th year, we survived many obstacles. But there was no stopping because we are all survivors in our own way. With the many carnivals we have survived and continue to.


Meeting the middle mark of 5 years in 2012, we noticed that people aren’t always who they claim to be. Many times they hide behind a mask. A mask of Deceit, Cheetah, Temptation and many more; De Mask Of… was stunning.


In 2013 we took to the streets yet again to tell the story of an indian girl in love with an English plantation owner via the Mystery of the Cascadura. This love story was set around the tasty love potion, a dish of Curry Cascadura.


A body of water running through the hills and valleys that is instrumental in human life. 2014 was the year that the river came down flowing through the streets of Port of Spain, washing away all our fears.


Home is where the heart is and so, in 2015 we sought to come home to rediscover the sights and sounds of our sweet Trinidad and Tobago.


One short of 10, in 2016, we took a look at our emotional journey and what triggers our tears. It was tears of pure happiness as this presentation earned us our first Large Band of the Year victory.


The eye of the tiger, the mark of a decade in mas. No obstacle put in our way can stop us now! From here on, there is only greatness. This is our FEARLESS 1O