We all see or interpret life differently; and no matter what angle you look at it from, life is like a serious game of chess. The great Valentino says that Life is a Stage and we are the actors, but we say Life is a game and we are the players.  Like a game of chess, the world is our checkered board and we make every move on this board. Join Ronnie & Caro… The Mas Band as we present another stellar presentation for Carnival 2018. This is LIFE’S CHECKERED BOARD.


FIGHT TO THE FINISH (Turquoise & Green)

Your inner warrior spirit that fuels you; this is our inner fighter that drives us to the finish line helping us focus on life’s prize in the midst of the many obstacles we seem to face along the way. This is our Fight to the Finish!


MAKE AH MOVE (Mint Green)

Time is running out but it’s your turn to Make ah Move; your inner voice speaks to you telling you what to do and where to go. Is this the right move? Whether it’s good or bad, it’s time for you to Make ah Move.



These parrots just can’t seem to focus on their game; everyone else is of their concern as their aim is to cause nothing but trouble. In Trinidad we call them a ‘Good Ole Maco’. Don’t fall into the trap set up by these Mischief Makers.



These players live for the game; their passion and determination enables their victory. This drive moves these players beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings and far beyond their failures. They just really love the game that is life.



Life is like a checkered board; time is your opponent and if you procrastinate, well, you will lose the game. One must make a move to be victorious (Napoleon Hill). The world is our board and we the players are just here for a period of time to find our niche/role on Life’s Checkered Board.


GAME HATERS (Purple, Navy & Lilac)

Life is full of these people; no matter what comes their way they constantly complain about the game. On this board we say don’t hate the players, change your game.


GAME CHANGERS (Orange, Yellow & Purple)

These are the people who understand that the game is full of obstacles, not every move may be easy to make but instead of hating the game, these people fight to change the game. Be a Game Changer; life has enough followers.


GAME PLAYERS (Orange & Turquoise)

Without the players, there would be no game. These are the ones who play by the rules ensuring they stay out of trouble; whether naughty or nice, their main goal in Life’s Checkered Board is to ‘have ah time.’



In the game of chess, these are your kings and queens, the hierarchy! But in life, the Untouchables are called the elite or in Trinidad, the 1% or Big Fish. Although they are a small group, because of their social stature, they are very powerful.


PAWNS (Pink & Khaki)

Making up the majority on the board, these are the main yet weakest players They are pushed around BUT it must be noted that all pawns have the potential to become a queen before the game ends. When the game is done however, The PAWN over throws the King…….both the King and the Pawn goes in the same box.