FELICITY …the quality or state of great happiness

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felicity-1 felicity-ultra felicity-fabric-option felicity_frontline2 felicity-curvy-fl felicity-bl felicity-curvy-bl felicity-male-fl felicity-male


Presidential (1 Section Leader): TT$16,995.00, Platinum (Frontline): TT$8,395.00

Prime (Backline) Female: TT$4,895.00 (SOLD OUT!)

Platinum Male: TT$6,995.00, Prime Male: TT$4,295.00


Fabric Option as shown – TT$3995. Prime Female Add Ons
Curvy Body Add TT$400, Wholepiece – Regular TT$200, Wholepiece – Cut Out TT$200, Wire Bra TT$500, High Waist TT$100

Prime Male Add Ons – Hat TT$150


Prime Female and Prime Male – TT$1,500.00
Presidential and Platinum – 50% of Costume Cost

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